Happy 1 year anniversary WWAM BAM!

Happy New Year and One Year Anniversary at WWAM BAM!

Dear WWAM Bam! Readers,

It’s hard to believe how quickly this year has passed and it’s been a big one for us here at WWAM BAM! as this officially marks our first birthday! We have pretty much surpassed our own expectations for our first year with many great writers, posts covering a broad range of topics related to the WWAM experience, and especially, so many engaged readers in our extended community. We really appreciate hearing from you through post comments, Facebook and emails, so keep ’em coming!

We also want to thank you all for your support over the past year and we hope to continue to up our game in 2018 to provide you with more interesting blogs and introduce you to many more interesting people in the world of WWAM and Asia! We have a lot of great content and some interesting plans for 2018 already, but we’re always keen to hear your feedback! If you’re keen to have your voice on our blog, or have ideas about what you’d like to read about here, never feel shy to drop us an email at contact(at)wwambam.com. Or if you have a question for our dating expert Ms. Wai, she is always just an email away at mswai(at)wwambam.com.

A special thanks goes out to our hard-working writers who have put a lot of hard work into coming up with content and writing up stories and interviewing people – all in order to support a better understanding of what life is like as a Western Woman – Asian Man couple. We could not have done it without your invaluable, insightful and interesting contributions!

Thanks again for your support through 2017! We wish you a happy new year with lots of friends and family and hope 2018 will shape up to be all you hope it to be!

Your WWAM BAM! Team

Thanks to our tireless writers!

Laura Nutchey-Feng
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