Fated: Between Light and Shadow

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Two weeks ago, I released “Fated,” the first volume in my Between Light and Shadow series. Although I was extremely pleased of the accomplishment of publishing another book, my happiness was tempered by questions from those who purchased it. Where did I find the motivation to write the book, and how did I manage to balance the various aspects of my life while writing another manuscript? China is the answer to both inquiries.

Like many other foreigners, I felt out of place when I first arrived. I scarcely knew the customs, did not speak the language, and was newly married to a Chinese man whose culture I barely understood. Thus, I have felt considerably more out of place than I anticipated. My character Athena is the only human in a world that transcends her in every way. She, like me, learned to navigate a strange environment that we eventually came to consider home. Now, I feel out of place in my country and can’t wait to return to the cuisine and landscapes of China, for which I have developed a profound affection. Living in China afforded me opportunities I never would have dared to imagine, such as leisure to write.

This endeavor was made possible by the availability of commodities at a reduced cost. The path to success for “Fated” was paved by a live-in nanny, flexible hours, low production costs, and a husband who knew where to locate the assistance I required for less money than I would have paid in the West. I am not a firm believer in fate, but my book is a tribute to all the advantages of residing in my husband’s country. In a sense, I believe I was destined to meet him, to live in such a beautiful location, and to fulfill the childhood dreams I pursued.

Did I mention that China is also featured in the book with its architecture, cuisine, people, and legends? Along with other deities, the Monkey King was especially beneficial to Athena’s mission and growth.

When you discover the place where you belong, there will be challenges that are worth overcoming. If it’s right, you’ll feel it in your gut.

Ultimately, we are each fated to be ourselves.

Sabrina Mailhot

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