Where’s Wang? U.S. photographers showcasing WWAM models

While our Where’s Wang column tends to focus on the lack of representation for WWAM (Western women, Asian men) couples, sometimes it’s nice to remind ourselves that things are changing. Super Rich Asians has hit the cinema to much celebration, and as people are becoming more aware of the lack of representation of some people, they are doing more about it. Below are two American photographers, who consciously are working towards more AMXF (Asian men, non-Asian female) content.

Tom Hong

Tom Hong is a photographer with Asian heritage. The photos featured below were taken in West Hollywood, LA.

Justin & Julia West Hollywood 7-21-2018/ Tom Hong
Justin & Julia West Hollywood 7-21-2018/ Tom Hong
Justin & Julia West Hollywood 7-21-2018/ Tom Hong

You can find more about Tom’s other projects on his site, or follow his Insta at tom.hong.319

Ana Hudson

Ana is a photographer, model and agent with a focus on AMXF based in LA. She has done a number of superhero-themed shoots as part of her “Project Justice” portfolio. I don’t know about you, but I feel Asian Superman was long overdue.

Superman by Ana Hudson, Models Justin Zhang (IG: officialjustinz) and Angelina Bower (IG: musicloveandlies)
Deadpool by Ana Hudson, Models Justin Zhang (IG: officialjustinz) and Marina Bruzadin (IG: marinabruzadin)

You can see more of her work on Speaking of China.

If you are an AMXF couple in the Los Angeles area, Ana Hudson would love to offer you a free/donations accepted photoshoot. To find out more information about planning a photoshoot you can reach her at [email protected]

Laura Nutchey-Feng

Laura Nutchey-Feng has been living in China for the past four years. Her love affair with the language and country started in 2006 and she met her future husband, a hunky Inner Mongolian, 5 years later. She blogs about her crazy wedding experience at Our Chinese Wedding.

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