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It has been a while since we have shared a Where’s Wang post!

Where are the Asian actors featured with Western women in the new movies/TV shows these days? Well, luckily, I had the opportunity to watch “The Sun is Also a Star” on my flight back to China last month from the US. I remember catching sight of the title from one of our main WWAMers, Jocelyn, who featured the post on her blog in May this year (2019).

No spoilers, I promise! I will just give my brief synopsis of the movie below and then briefly discuss it:

               “The Sun is Also a Star” is about a young Jamaican high schooler who is fighting to stay in the USA despite being an undocumented immigrant. Her family and her are expected to be deported within twenty-four hours. A young Korean-American high schooler holds high expectations from his parents for him to be a doctor someday. On the way somewhere with one of his friends, he runs into the girl, expecting it to be fate. Our heroine doesn’t believe love exists and believes in science. Our hero, wants to give her a few hours to convince that love exists. The time is ticking and our heroine from Jamaica is worried that she can’t stay in the US. So, what are the fates of the two? Does the girl go back to Jamaica or find a way to stay in the US? Does the guy convince her true love exists?

I really liked this movie for a few reasons:

  •                The Korean-American guy didn’t want to go to school to be a doctor even though his parents were forcing him to.
  •                The Jamaican girl was so sure that love didn’t actually exist and the Korean-American guy wanted to prove her wrong.
  •                Although it is scripted, I loved the feel of how the guy thought he was fated to meet the main girl. And didn’t give up trying to pursue her.
  •                A romance with the main characters AMBW is a rarity and I thought it was presented well.

This movie really touched my heart and made me think about fate and how we’re fated to meet people. If you’re looking for a decent AWBW movie with a cute plotline, I recommend this film. 9/10. Now to find time to read the book…

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