Chinese-American Freeskiing Star Eileen Gu Set to Shine in Olympics

With the Winter Olympics set to kick off in Beijing in less than a month, the Games have become a hot topic on China’s TV networks, often spotlighting the brightest hopefuls in the run-up. And on team China, the Chinese-American freeskiing wonder Eileen Gu is among the biggest and most anticipated superstars for the competition.

The reigning world champion for the women’s half-pipe event in freestyle skiing, Gu ended the season with a perfect record in her latest gold medal win, going four for four as the clear favorite to claim gold in the upcoming Games. She also towers over the competition in the freestyle events for slopestyle and big air as well.

Once a contender for team USA, Gu switched her nationality to China. While her decision surprised some, wondering why she would give up US nationality, Gu’s deep passion for the country of China and its culture largely motivated her to make this extraordinary move.

Her high achievements go beyond the slopes too, as she’s been admitted to Stanford University and does modeling as well. 

To get a more up close and personal look into her achievements and life, you can watch the Everyday Eileen series on Red Bull.

Photo credit: Martin Rulsch, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

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