I Loved Hair Salons in China, but Now I’m the Home Barber, Thanks to the Virus

For years I have lauded barber shops in China as one of the greatest things about living in this country. I’ve praised their service in so many ways, from the nice scalp massages that come along with the wash and rinse to the fact that they actually know how to cut my husband’s hair (you would not believe how many US hair salons I’ve seen bungle Asian hair, but that’s another story…).

So about a week ago, I did something I never would have imagined myself doing in China — I cut my husband Jun’s hair. Yes, yours truly became the family barber, wielding our newly bought Flyco electric clipper set. And it’s all thanks to the coronavirus.

Yes, things have improved immensely here in China with the epidemic, and the barber shops have slowly begun to open their doors once again. But even still, both of us feel adamant about reducing our contact with other people — and hair stylists must have close contact with every single client they serve. There simply is no way to do a haircut without it.

So we invested in that electric clipper, and I finally trimmed my husband’s shaggy hair that had been growing out for nearly two months. You should have seen the bathroom floor, matted with wads of his dark black hair. And the haircut actually turned out OK, despite the fact that I have no professional training in this sort of thing.

Welcome to the new reality of the coronavirus, which has created a new normal and upended our lives in so many ways. Jun and I have adjusted pretty well to things, because we do love spending time at home. But it has still led us to become even more self-sufficient here, sometimes in ways we never could have expected.

As for me, my hair still isn’t desperate for a trim just yet. But I haven’t ruled out handing the scissors over to my husband and letting him do the job instead.

If you’re facing the pandemic in your country, have you considered cutting the hair of your family members or loved ones?

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  1. you need to post the picture of Jun’s new hair cut. I believe all your readers would love to see
    it !!!! for sure we will give you a perfect 10 for your great effort !!!!
    take care and stay safe. love from canada.

    BTW, i am really not happy with the politicians’ slow and inept response to this crisis. they have 4-6 weeks to prepare for this, what i am watching on TV is that hospitals and health care workers are short on supplies to even keep themselves safe !!! don’t the politicians know how to be prepared for this eventuality ???? What the hell !!!!

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