Married to a video game player: Game on or game over?

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The video game industry has taken an exponential leap in the past few years with the development of new technologies. I knew how popular it was in Asia, but experiencing it when I first got to China was another story. I did not know that internet bars existed until I actually stepped into one. I married a computer game player. The video game passion is real in the younger generation, but it is important to understand that being in front of your screen, most of the time, playing games is not the negative aspect that it is depicted to be. In fact, in moderation, it can be a pretty healthy habit. Whether you like playing video games yourself or not, let me share the advantages of having a significant other who simply loves it.

He’ll see life on a whole new level

My husband was never the ‘down to Earth’ type of guy. In his youth, he would always hide from his parents and teachers to go play video games. Where Western children hid in their treehouses, my husband went to internet bars. In most internet bars, aside from comfortable chairs and computers, they provide food and beverage for as long as your money lasts. A passionate gamer could play for days. The first time, I remembered feeling warm and cozy. You get to do your own thing, but with friends around.
When my husband became a young adult, I had the chance to meet him and see how different his perception of life was. He saw life as a quest. To him, nothing was impossible with hard work. I noticed that even if some people evade reality into gaming, others bring what they learn from games into their reality. Specialized as a strategy and RPG (role-playing game) player, he changed his life philosophy. He was a positive being who saw solutions to everything. Games taught him to never give up, no matter the difficulty encountered. My husband and I transferred this positive attitude into our relationship and our goals.

Couples that play together, stay together

Ever wondered what activities you can do as a couple? Interracial marriages are all about compromises. If your significant other refuses to take a dance class on a Thursday night with you, then plunge yourself into his hobby. Whether you choose to play at an internet bar or cozy at home, there is surely a game to satisfy your cravings. Playing video games as a couple can also be a strengthening experience as you dive into a part of your partner’s personality. Whether you dreamed of beating him at something, or being rescued by your prince charming when monsters attack, gaming together offers all sorts of bonding opportunities.

He’ll see you both as a challenge and a prized partner

No gamer likes to lose and it is the same in life. My husband and I saw our marriage as a multilevel challenge, which would allow us to level up individually and as a couple. Our tutorial was dating, beginner level was our first three years and so on. Different strategies in life led us where we are and I think that we understand and insert a little of both our cultures in our daily life and into our holidays. Since my husband does not like to fail at something, he will try hard to fulfill my needs and requirements, just as I will with his. Of course, that’s as long as our demands are closer to the ‘possible’ like doing the dishes and picking up clothes and not chasing goblins and dragons outside.

We are all players in this world. Isn’t the whole point of life to be on a journey, until we find what we are searching for? Or better, who we are destined to become?

If you are married, dating or you have a crush on a video game player and you feel like this post resonates with you, please let me know in the comments.

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