Domestic Violence in China: Helpful Resources for Foreign Women

Not everyone finds themselves happily ever after in love. Breakups, separations and divorces happen, and so does domestic violence or abuse, including to foreign women in China.

What do you do if you’re in China and facing domestic violence or abuse?

Since this question surfaces from time to time within the WWAM community — including in online discussions in which we’ve participated — we wanted to share some resources on the Viva Beijing website compiled by domestic violence survivor Megan Purvis, who states:

Please note that I am not an expert or a professional myself, but simply one of you: another woman who has felt unsafe and harassed many times in her life. I hope in reading this, you know you are not alone and there are resources available if you want to seek help.

Her resource Dealing with Domestic Violence in China provides answers to frequently asked questions involving what to do about domestic violence in China. And because Purvis notes that “one of the best ways to deal with domestic violence is to have support” it also lists organizations and individuals who can offer support in China.

She also created a resource for Dealing with Rape and Sexual Assault in China, also with answers to frequently asked questions and a list of organizations and individuals for support.

Learn about China’s Anti-Domestic Violence Law through this additional resource from Purvis.

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