Humor or Racism? An Encounter

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My fiancé and I went to a concert near our home and when we went to the parking lot, we rolled down our window and showed her our tickets.
“You can’t park here. Chinese people cannot park here.”
“Excuse me? What did you say?”
She repeats it.
“Where are we supposed to park?”
“Here.” She starts laughing like a hyena.
“You can’t take a joke.”

My fiancé takes off in my car and we go and park. He wanted to talk to her. I voted against it but he wanted to anyway. He walked towards the parking attendants towards the back of the parking lot. I walked to the gate and talked to a gentleman and told him the situation. He said coming from Haiti, he gets a lot of prejudice and racism here in the United States. My fiancé is from Jamaica.
My fiancé really has a thick skin, since he does deal with it there but this really bothered him. It bothered me too and I had to do something about it. I talked to the supervisor and we filed a complaint towards the organization that hired the parking attendant. Hopefully, that lady did not say that to anybody else. We did get free water though and we got contacted by the concert venue to see what they can do to compensate. We declined but told them thank you.

I’m just glad we enjoyed ourselves at the concert and that we got some type of Justice.

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