Hong Kong Pineapple Buns + Where I Use Black Treacle in Chinese Recipes

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I have often heard my Chinese friends reminisce about the deliciousness of Hong Kong Pineapple Buns. This week I finally gave it a go and the recipe I found worked perfectly. One friend even said the taste reminded her of home. The inside is soft and the top crisp with a crunch. It doesn’t actually have any pineapple inside but takes the name from the way the top cracks when cooked. The recipe (click here) has English subtitles and is easy to follow without any changes. In my next cooking blog I will show you other ways we can use the bread part of this recipe.

So, where do I use Black Treacle in Chinese Recipies?

Instead of dark soy sauce! It gives a wonderful colour. Give it a go in Gongbao Jiding (chicken with peanuts), Chinese braised pork belly/ribs among many other recipes. Don’t worry, it won’t taste like sticky toffee pudding! Just a teaspoon will do the trick. When I cook braised pork belly another tip is to throw in some chopped onion about 3 minutes before the end for delicious caramelized onions (as seen in the photo above).

Note: the Pineapple Bun recipe is not my recipe but one I highly recommend.

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