Family Day In Canada; A Day To Cherish

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In Canada, we celebrate ‘Family Day; held either the second, or third Monday in February (depending on where in Canada one lives). I live in Ontario therefore, we celebrate it on the third Monday of February. Usually, this is a day where we embrace our family, by either having a meal together, or going for an outing, such as tobogganing, skating, or shopping. Government offices, stores, and other services are usually closed on this day, allowing for individuals to spend much-needed time with their families.

Typically, my husband and I tend to wake up early to cook brunch together. We usually like to relax during our meal, while eating scrambled eggs, ham, and/or toast, along with sipping coffee, or tea. We chat about our upcoming day, or anything that is taking place in our lives at that moment. Once we have finished brunch and fed our child (15-month old Albert), we usually get ourselves ready, then head-out the door for some activities.

Most of the larger shopping malls are open on Family Day, therefore, we will usually drive over to a local mall to browse. We may even stop for a snack or two while we are strolling, before deciding to head home. Our son will have a nap in the afternoon, while my husband and I catch-up on some housework. After our son has woken-up, we tend to either get-together at my in-laws home for dinner, or have my parents over for a meal. Either way, we are together with family, and that is the most important aspect of this holiday.

What do I love about this holiday? Well, it allows us that chance to be together with our loved ones, a chance that we mostly don’t have due to scheduling conflicts, or busy lives in general. Sometimes, we tend to take for granted our family members; we always think that they will be there but in reality, one day, they won’t. That’s why, I feel Family Day is the perfect holiday, one where we can tell each other how we feel through our actions, or even through our words if we so desire. Either way, Family Day is a much-needed holiday for anyone, whether your family lives close, or far. Give them a hug, kiss, or even pat on the back; or better yet, a simple phone call, which can brighten anyone’s day.

What type of holiday do you have in your country that celebrates your family? I would love to hear about it!

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