Book Review: ‘The Kiss Quotient’ by Helen Hoang

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One of the books that I always saw everywhere in 2018  was “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang, a tale that was also reviewed on WWAM BAM by Holly for the Where’s Wang Segment. Just like Holly, I believe “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang is truly a wonderful read and it has even made it onto my Memorable Reads of 2018.

What I think was appealing about “The Kiss Quotient” at least for me, is that the heroine is given power and status above the hero, which is rare to find in a book, and I also loved how she flipped the gender attributes associated with men and women and gave Stella qualities that would normally be associated with a man, while Michael received attributes that are associated with a woman. Also, inadvertently, Helen Hoang has shown that whether or not a person suffers from Aspergers/Autism, they have more in common with neurotypical humans than possible.

Michael Phan Larsen

Aside from the back of the book, I don’t really remember the author using Michael’s Vietnamese last name in the story, which made it a bit difficult in understanding why Stella was upset. (In fact I swear at one point she knew his real last name…)

Honestly speaking, Michael was literally a dream come true, for he was always patient with Stella’s quirks and personality, and often forgave her. In addition is his strong loyalty to his family, to his mother and sisters and of how driven he is. I am hoping that a man like Michael does exist outside of the novel, but I guess for now I’m not exactly holding my breath.

Michael is socially suave in situations and it often seems as if he has everything under control. He also has strong pride and doesn’t ask for help easily. He is talented in fashion and wants to have his own clothing line, happens to be poor and working as an escort, and also has a dragon tattoo. (Very often heroines possess these attributes, and its first time I’m seeing a male having them.) Also, he is two years younger than Stella.

For a wonderful, sizzling contemporary read that is not to be forgotten, “The Kiss Quotient” should be on top of everyone’s To Be Read list.


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