2021: Our Wishes and Dreams for New Year

We’ve just said farewell (or good riddance!) to 2020, a year marked by unprecedented and unusual challenges that have affected us all, and have never been more ready to dive into the promises and possibilities of the new year. What are our wishes and dreams for 2021? We WWAM BAM contributors are sharing ours, with the hope of enjoying a more fulfilling year in the months ahead.

Jocelyn Eikenburg

Like many people, I’ve acutely felt the loneliness and isolation of the past year on many levels (including the uncertainty of when it might be possible to travel back to the US). But in the new year, my hope is to find ways to be closer to others and to either rekindle long-time friendships and relationships or forge new and more meaningful ones.

Sabrina Mailhot

You don’t miss home until it is impossible for you to go back to it. Everybody blamed the year of 2020 for the pandemic, but it was just a year. While the circumstances of Covid in 2020 locked everybody in or out of their homes, we all learned to appreciate the dear friends and family whose importance we overlooked before we could no longer meet, kiss and hug them.

For 2021, I hope that everyone stay safe and so they can reunite and thrive where they belong. I wish safe travels to the wayfarers, as well as health and happiness above all. Empires rose and fell last year. The sky is no longer the limit— I hope everyone will have the courage to chase their dreams this year. It is never too late to start a project. I wish success and kindness to all. The best years are ahead of us — we just need to appreciate them, starting now. I know that my year will be filled with achievements. Just you wait!

Holly Hollins

2020 had so many highs and lows, especially with my adjustment to being home lingering on much longer than I expected. Last year, I learned the value of patience when it comes to a budding romantic relationship. For the new year, I wish for my continued patience so that my relationship with my boyfriend can continue to grow stronger. Lastly, I wish for my family and friends to be healthy. On a lighter and more humorous note, I wish to figure out adulting better this year since I’m starting to learn how to be an adult very late.

Christine LaPlaca

I was lucky to have many blessings in 2020, despite the hardships brought by COVID-19, travel restrictions, and separation from my family and friends in the US. Looking back, I try to remember all the things to still be grateful for. And so my wishes for the new year are simple:  health, happiness, personal growth, and time with family, friends, and my faith. My final hope is that borders will open and travel will be easier and safer, so people can be reunited with loved ones, and so my traveling spirit can once again be set free.

What are your wishes and dreams for 2021?

Jocelyn Eikenburg
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  1. During all of 2020, I was glued to YouTube watching AMWF channels. So far I subscribe to over six hundred of them. I love virtually everything about them. Mental healthwise, they are very good channels to watch – romance, relationship advice, touring, daily doings, cooking and eating, etc. The most prominent YouTube channel featuring an AMWF couple in China is Miriam in China. Anyway, my wishes for everyone in 2021 is to keep loving their families. Happy 2021!

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